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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team!

Indu Jayakumar Founder & CEO, LocalBizNetwork

Indu Jayakumar - Founder & CEO, LocalBizNetwork

Indu Jayakumar appreciates the cost efficiency of small businesses, their ability to generate employment and resilience to changes in the economic climate which makes them a dependable source of revenue. To do her part in safeguarding the small business ecosystem she found LocalBizNetwork that brings together business entities with less than 50 employees around the globe, to offer them competitive web solutions as a fighting chance with bigger players.

More about Indu:

  • CEO & Founder of LocalBizNetwork – a proud Google Partner
  • Member in Board of Industry Council for Small Business Development- ICSBD, helping small business owners with Diversity certifications and contracts.
  • President of American Business Women's Association (ABWA), Campbell Chapter.
  • One of the Founders of Silicon Valley Fundraising (SVF), a fundraising venture for Technology Start ups.
  • One among the Marketing Instructors for Restaurant Owners in SBDC (Small Business Development Centre) from 2008 – 2010.

She is the beacon of light at LBN Tech Solutions, her conviction and idealism has driven the company towards steady growth in the field despite stiff competition and evolvingdigital marketing algorithms.

Indu is an inspiring trainer and her sessions are very popular among the small biz community in the Bay Area.

Megalai Senthilkumar Managing Director

Megalai Senthilkumar - Managing Director

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it" said Estée Lauder, one of the most successful women entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Her words are echoed in that of other women entrepreneurs who have learned that success does not differentiate between a man and woman. Any woman with a vision and the will to succeed can create a powerful identity for herself and inspire other women around her. Megalai's innate qualities such as perseverance and working style makes her a thorough professional becoming the most favoured service provider among her clients. She takes immense pride in the fact that her soft power has led her company to become an Alma Mater of sorts where many raw hands have been taught, trained, nurtured to fare well in greener pastures and lend a helping hand at all times. There are also employees who find fulfilment in continuing to work under her mentorship. They are associated with the company for more than a decade and extend their wholehearted support, reflecting the same work ethics as her.


  • Recipient of the Woman of the Decade award presented at the G 100 Forum at New Delhi.
  • Awarded Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa for outstanding contribution in the field of digital marketing, women employment and community development, by Rai University, Ahmedabad.
  • Recipient of "Exceptional Women of Excellence" award presented by the Women Economic Forum, an international organization for women entrepreneurs.
  • Recipient of "Women's women" award presented by AMN Global Group, recognizing her 'work from home' job generations whose beneficiaries were women.
  • Featured in 'Kumudam's Snegithi" and "Aval VikadanTamil Magazines for women, where she elaborates on the FAQ's on setting up an e-commerce website and her personal journey.

Megalai is the All India Chairperson for Digital Marketing of a Global Networking Organization, All Ladies League.

She is also in the Advisory Committee of Sekkizhar Manolayam Senior Citizen's Home.

Her stress buster is Music both Vocal and Instrumental which she pursues with passion.

Venkat Natarajan VP Operations

Venkat Natarajan - VP Operations

Venkat has been a part of the company since the early years of its inception.

He has worked his way up to holding an imperative post with sheer dedication, hard work, honesty and willingness to learn the nuances.

His forte is the innate ability to extract the best from the team. His no nonsense approach in problem solving has turned many a sticky situation into a favourable one. Venkat communicates with ease to all the team members in India and USA as well as global clients. His far-sighted goals and fortitude in carrying them out has helped us stay at par, if not ahead, with the trends in the trade.

While he is not thinking of LBN clients and their Internet presence he is out there helping the world by doing social work. He is keen on giving more and more to the lesser privileged and rarely turns down a request for help.

He is passionate about Sport, Politics and Religion not essentially in that order!

Veeramani Sivakumaran VP Projects

Veeramani Sivakumaran - VP Projects

Veeramani is a self-learner and has risen to great levels by sheer hard work. His expertise in creative designing allows him to focus more on the technical team, ensuring high quality of work. He makes sure the projects he handles run as perfectly as a Swiss watch and interestingly enough, he rarely misses deadlines.

His exemplary work ethics and moral code greatly influences the company, keeping them confident, grounded and reliable.

Veeramani is a stickler for neatness and orderliness. He takes pride in the fact that any file in his computer can be accessed within a matter of seconds! Veeramani handles varying tasks in the company and carries each one of them with accurate precision.

When he is not busy communicating with global clients and executing projects, he is busy driving all over the town and clicking rare pictures of the city. Veeramani is also a movie buff, a fitness freak and a complete family man with high values.