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The Origin of People's Podium

LBN People's Podium

Everyone has been affected by the lockdown. There is a widespread misconception that the COVID19 lockdown had the least impact on those in Information Technology. The thought was that these people anyway interact with others online, so simply doing more of the same would not be either difficult or a great change for them. This is only partially true - the majority of online interaction is work-focused.

Even the most dedicated of digital professionals need to step outside the work parameters. This is not just to pursue other interests, but the diversity of influences, concepts and the way others react to them gives stimulus to the personal creative process. This process is what keeps a person, whatever be the work area or professional focus, alert and provides the raw material for both work-related and personal growth.

It was with this in mind that Ms. Megalai Senthilkumar, Managing Director of LBN Tech Solutions, started the Ask The Experts webinars as part of the People's Podium. This idea, born out of the isolation of the lockdown, is aimed at bringing fresh concepts, information and ways of looking at the world around us to those looking to broaden their horizons and expand their interests. Two webinars are conducted every month - one on a subject of general interest and the other on healthcare matters.

How to participate in People's Podium?

Participation is free and is open to everyone, from any field. All that is required is to register using this form. Once you register, you will be intimated about all events via email.

Duration of Webinar:

Each webinar consists of a 1 hour moderated session followed by a 30 minute Q&A period. Those who would like to be presenters can contact Ms. Senthilkumar at info@lbntechsolutions.com to express their interest. There are no restrictions on the topics to be covered or the points of view to be presented. Any topic, as long as it stimulates discussion, questions and thought, will be welcome.

Upcoming Webinar

Healthcare Insights - Role of Nutrition in Preventing Chronic Diseases

The What, Who and How of Chronic diseases!

What are Chronic Diseases? Who is at risk? How can we prevent them?

Does nutrition play a role in preventing chronic diseases?

Join us on Saturday, May, 28th and get your questions answered by

"Ms. Suneetha Rao, RD, Chief Nutritionist, NU Hospitals, Bangalore"

Moderator: Jay Srinivasan,
Founder & ceo, RedMed Health Systems

Topic: Healthcare Insights - Role of Nutrition in Preventing Chronic Diseases

Day/Date/Time: Saturday, May 28, 2022 4:30 PM to 6 PM IST

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Diabetes and the Kidney - A Sweet Misery

Recent webinar presenters include:

1. Dr Prithika Chary, first woman Neurologist
2. Dr Nappinnai Seran, Clinical Psychologist
3. Dr RS Murali on appreciating poet Kannadasan film songs
4. Mrs Mallika Badrinath, Cookery Expert
5. Fharzana Siraj Yoga Expert
6. Lalitha Sridhar, Special Education
7. Dr Padma Ramachandran, Director SCARF
8. Mrs Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam, Vocalist
9. Kalaimamani Vasantha Vaikunth, Dancer
10. Dr Gopal Krishnan, Cardiologist, Aster Hospital
11. Prof Madhusudanan Kalaiselvan, History Enthusiast
12. Mr. KS Ravishankar, Entrepreneur, Independent Consultant, Business Strategist
13. Dr. Prasad Deshpande, Senior Regional Head, Karnataka, Madhavbaug
14. Dr. Priya Kandhadai, Faculty Member, Douglas College, Canada
15. Dr. Sujatha Muthanna, Infosys Limited, Design Thinker, d-School
16. Dr. Renu Dadiala, Sports Medicine and Interventional Pain Specialist
17. Dr. Swati Bhat, Pain, and Palliative Care Interventional Spine Specialist
18. Dr. A Thanga Prabhu, Advisor-Innovation, St. Johns Health Innovation Foundation
19. Dr. G. Sivaraman, BSMS., Ph.D., Managing Director & Chief Siddha Physician, Arogya Healthcare
20. Dr. R. Vaidyanathan, Retired Professor of Finance at IIM Bangalore.
21. Sharath Kamal and MV Sriram, Olympians, India
22. Dr. 'Nithyabharathi' R. Elango, Formerly Professor, Annamalai University
23. Dr. MK Prasanna Venkatesh, Senior Consultant Paediatric Urologist, and Managing Director, NU Hospitals, Bangalore
24. Dr Padmanabhan Subramanian, Sr. Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician Department of Nephrology, NU Hospitals

The lockdown may be easing off, but there will always be new worlds to explore from the comfort and safety of your home. The People's Podium is a wonderful way to do it.

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