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Do you know what makes a website convert?

LBN offers a Highly-Converting Website Design and Development Services

If we were to show you a highly-converting website and a not-so-successful website side by side right now, odds are you won't be able to pin-point the differences, at least visually. But we'll bet you our bottom dollar that they would have a world of differences between them.

There's a lot of details that go into transforming a regular website into a high-conversion beast. Some of them are obvious - such as a catchy landing page headline, hard-to-miss call to action buttons, etc. Others are subtle, but play a critical role in converting the visitors - such as conversion-oriented internal linking structure, page speed optimization, seamless payment & security integration, etc.

LBN, over years and years of building websites for businesses like yours, has gathered a future-proof list of such details that make your website stand out from your competitors'.

Why LBN? Our clients say that "We" know how to make your website make the sale for you.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services, Chennai, LBN Tech Solutions

We have seen so many futuristic-looking website designs die young. Most of them failed because they missed remembering one thing: The primary purpose of a business website is to convert.

We are all for aesthetics, but if you want your website to be profitable, you'll have to put your users first. Our designers understand how to strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. With LBN, your website will always take your users towards the point of conversion through the use of perfectly placed calls to action, conversion-focused content, etc. - all part of an unintrusive conversion flow.

But even that wouldn't be enough, would it? Most of today's conversions are mobile-driven, so our designers make sure that your website is designed with a "mobile-first" approach in mind.

Web Development Services

Web Development Services, Chennai, LBN Tech Solutions

Have you at any point looked at your analytics data and wondered, "I did everything I was supposed to do with my website design. Why am I still not getting conversions?"?

The reason often lies in how the design was implemented in code. We have come a long way from using plain HTML for websites. We are in the age of client-side rendering, which means instant page loads for your users.

There are so many frameworks for front-end and back-end web development - some offer speed and performance, some are strong in security, and some others are purpose-driven.

The frameworks used for an eCommerce website may not be suitable (or necessary) for a beauty salon one-pager. Our web design developers are great at finding the right technology stack for your website that both save you cost and performance worries. This is all done with SEO best practices in mind, so you're guaranteed everything that Google Webmaster Guidelines expect from your website.

We know how to make your website a profitable one while it is created. Now it's your turn to make a decision.

If you have any questions or concerns about your business website, feel free to send an email to info@lbntechsolutions.com.