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Content Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

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The approach to content marketing will vary according to the industry using it. Every vertical has its imperatives, audience, and marketing objectives. In the healthcare industry, the growth of healthcare marketing has seen a phenomenal rise - the active or planned use of content marketing in the U.S. rose from 69% in 2017 to 95% in 2019. The same trend can be seen in other parts of the world. A medical content writer who is aware of the imperatives will find it easier to create impactful content.

Health Is the Most Personal Of Subjects

Everyone has health concerns in one form or another. Many are reluctant to talk about it, while others tend to magnify the nature of the ailment and love to talk. Whatever be the personal reaction to a health issue, in the end, people go to a healthcare provider to be cured. Finding the right source for treatment is often not easy. Patients face 2 major problems here.

1. In many parts of the world, healthcare providers are limited in the extent of advertising and promotion they can legally do. Even where such activity is possible, the amount of legally mandated disclaimers in the adverting/publicity material is so great that their volume turns off readers. No one likes to read 500 words with 25 asterisks and footnotes - the reader's attention is distracted, and the focus and impact of the material are lost. Clarity and conciseness, and key imperatives the healthcare content writer must know.

2. Trust in the healthcare provider is one of the most critical components of any form of treatment. Whom should a patient trust? The overload of advertising and information means that people absorb only a fraction of the material they are presented with and believe even less. Cynicism is a modern imperative. Do you believe everything you are told, especially if it is by an entity that will earn money from you, even if it does provide a service you need? The healthcare content writer must convince the reader of the integrity of the material presented to them.

Content Marketing Spreads Information While Creating Trust

The job of a healthcare content marketing agency is to create a direct connection between the healthcare provider and the reader - even if the reader does not know it. Content marketing provides information in an easily digestible manner. Medical content marketing could be a simple report of facts, a first-person account of sickness and cure, pose questions and provide answers that the reader finds useful or interesting, or offer something else of value.

Medical article writing does not push the reader to spend money on healthcare, so, within bounds, it does not attract the kind of regulatory limitations that advertising does. The information is present in a simple, direct manner that will be internalized and retained if it is relevant to the reader.

Medical content marketing is not perceived as advertising, so the implicit doubt when advertising claims are presented does not exist. People will not blindly accept the information that the content presents, but their minds will be open to it. If the material is presented correctly, their desire to learn more can be channeled to a specific healthcare provider.

People in need of healthcare are already in a delicate and uncertain state of mind. When a healthcare content marketing agency presents them with content in a clear, direct, and respectful manner that appears to be addressing their specific needs, they are open to accepting and acting on what information they receive.

The 4 Key Factors In Healthcare Content

1. Create content that can be shared. The more people who have access to the content, directly or indirectly (from friends, etc.) the better.

2. Post industry information. A healthcare provider is expected to be up-to-date on the latest development in medicine. Medical article writing should include posting health news and updates that show that the poster is a leader in the field.

3. Use a professional. Content creation is not just a conversation with a reader. It must be engaging, relevant, presented well, and be from a source that can be seen as being knowledgeable. A professional content creation company will know how to create and present content to ensure maximum impact. If you are in healthcare, you know how valuable your time is. Sparing some of it to create content is a distraction from your primary focus. Let an expert do it for you so you can concentrate on your area of expertise.

4. This may not be relevant to every healthcare provider. In some cases, adding video to the content can increase its value and impact. To repeat - only in some cases. The professional creating your content will know when, where, and how to use video to maximize impact.

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