SEO/SEM Services in Chennai

Best SEO/SEM Company in Chennai

Best SEO/SEM Company in Chennai

What is the best thing I can do for my website?

You registered a domain, created great content, designed a drop-dead gorgeous look, and then launched your site! Congratulations. You have taken a significant step in promoting your business! Is that it? No, not really! You must now stand up and flag the traffic. The web traffic that is! Remember, not everyone knows you or your website address. People will search for you primarily through the Search Engines - such as Google and Bing. If you have not optimized your website for them, you will get nowhere! Designing and launching a website is like getting ready for a road-trip and arriving at your front porch. Search Marketing is the chauffeur-driven car that will take you to your destination.

Search Marketing will get you to the first or second page of the Search Engine Results page in Google or Bing. And if you want to get there, you must play by their rules. It's their turf, after all! These search engines routinely crawl the web using bots and make a technical summary of every page on the web. They are said to be 'indexing' webpages. When somebody is searching for information, by typing a query in Google's search bar (this is called organic search or unpaid search), Google matches the index of webpages with the search phrase using an 'algorithm'. Based on the match, relevant websites will be shown on the result pages.

Can Search Engine Marketing make or break my business?

Search Marketing consists of 2 broad techniques - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for unpaid or organic searches and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for paid or inorganic searches. Both are equally important. They ensure more and more people are coming to your website. And a large number of these people are talking business with you, or converting! That is the whole purpose of Search Marketing - to enable quick conversions, to bring people who need you and hordes of them to your website.

Let's get real now. You cannot control many aspects of your business - such as the government policies, what your competitors are dishing-up, is the market sober or tipsy, and finally, your products and services. But the one thing you can control is how your website is faring with the Search Engines. And Search Marketing will help you achieve that. Done right, Search Engine Marketing will give you more results than any other Marketing horse you are flogging hard.

Please leave it to the Experts

Suppose you are a superstar; Page 3 matters - Page 3 of your local daily! And if you want your company to be a superstar, Page 1 matters - Page 1 of Google's SERP or Search Engine Results Pages. But getting there is like cooking a great dish. It would be best if you got all the spices, sauces, and recipe right. You need the right chef to do it for you. Or the best Sherlock for your Watson!

And LBN is that guy for you! As the best web design company in Chennai, LBN comes with boatloads of experience and expertise in turning an average Joe website into a showstopper. Think of Search Marketing as a hospital - with umpteen departments, whose names you can't even pronounce. There is on-site SEO, off-site SEO, then King Content and what not. So there are specialist doctors to handle each of those beeping-buzzing gizmos. This is just what your website needs to make it to Google's finishing line.

If any of these make sense, pick up your phone and give us a buzz. Or write an email on info@lbntechsolutions.com.