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Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Sep 21 / 2021

Google My Business Checklist

Google My Business is one of the best resources in the digital marketing world. When utilised properly, it can build the business’ clientele and boost sales. And the best part – it is completely free.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Aug 28 / 2021

How to Write Compelling Headlines in 3 Steps

Be it a blog or an advertisement, what is it that you think tempts the readers to take a look at it? Yes, you guessed it right. Headlines. All the fuss about creating attractive headlines is not uncalled for since at the end of the day, headlines are what are responsible for that important first impression on the viewers.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Aug 17 / 2021

The Significance of Meta Description in 2021

SEO is an invaluable option to improve the reach of quality content and the number of SEO companies in Chennai prove that. Other than this, there are also HTML and metadata attributes that can be added to the back-end of a webpage which can increase the ranking of the website.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Aug 13 / 2021

How to Write a Product Description for eCommerce Websites

Compelling content is a key factor in eCommerce product descriptions. The objective is to first educate the buyer about the product and then entice him to buy. If not enough information is given or if it is not presented clearly and concisely, the buyer will lose interest and move on to another site.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Aug 06 / 2021

Digital marketing tips for preschool owners

Why consider digital marketing for a preschool?

These days, every business has a social media and digital marketing presence, from local businesses to multinational companies. Nowadays, when consumers need a product or service, they search for it online.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Jul 27 / 2021

What are the 9 basic rules Google follows for Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets are extremely popular with both users and advertisers.

It benefits the reader as they can get a quick overview of the subject matter without visiting any websites that appear on the first page and reading through the content.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Jul 22 / 2021

What are brand pillars, and why do they matter?

What does it mean to have a formidable brand reputation, and how to build it? This is where the brand pillars come into the picture, and to know more, read the article further.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Jul 13 / 2021

What should small businesses post on social media (a complete guide)?

Social media has become an essential part of a business marketing strategy. Whether they are a small local shop or a big multinational, companies budget massive amounts for social media marketing.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Jun 23 / 2021

Is Trying To Rank SEO without an SSL (HTTPS) Pointless?

In an increasingly competitive and challenging market, an online presence is vital for any business, big or small. While the big ones have dedicated IT and online marketing staff to handle the technicalities and logistics of an online presence, the situation is very different for smaller organizations.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Jun 16 / 2021

What is agile marketing?

With the COVID-19 pandemic confining the customers at home, marketers scrambled to find new ways to meet their clients in the digital space. The consumer sentiment towards the use of digital technologies has also tipped greatly towards the positive side due to the pandemic.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing May 10 / 2021

How will Core Web Vitals enhance SEO in 2021?

Google made a recent announcement that has made business owners and web design agencies sit up and take notice. Google has said, effective May 2021, the Core Web Vitals assessment score will influence rankings of websites in SERP (search engine result pages).

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Apr 20 / 2021

How to Get the Results You Want through Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Creating a digital marketing plan can be difficult, but you will need to constantly update the plan with the requirement to be the best in the market. We have compiled a list of steps that can help you better the plan and kick-start the innovation in your digital marketing plan.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Apr 16 / 2021

Demystifying the Debate Around Influencer Marketing (How to Do It Correctly)

If you are looking to use influencer marketing to promote your online presence and/or products, you need to understand a few basic steps before you get started.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Mar 25 / 2021

How We Brought Down the Bounce Rate from 93% to 5% (Case Study)

How We Brought Down the Bounce Rate from 93% to 5% (Case Study)

Yes. You read it right. We did this in 3 weeks! Sharing with you a case study of what magic we did for our biggest healthcare client’s blog module.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Mar 22 / 2021

Google Ads Checklist for 2021-2022

Google Ads is one of the most successful ways of marketing your business. Google Ads is indeed getting expensive and more competitive with time. But when you set up your campaigns in the right way, Google Ads can be a powerful way to attract quality visitors to your site

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Dec 18 / 2020

Job opportunities in Digital Marketing

Social Media, Content Marketing, Bring your device… buzzwords that define how business is conducted today, how people influence consumer thinking, and how products and services are marketed today.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Nov 27 / 2020

Reasons Why Google May Penalize Your Website

The video talks about various possible reasons why Google may penalize your website. Duplicate content, Page speed, Backlinks, Keyword Stuffing, 404 errors, and much more information is shared in this video.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Nov 23 / 2020

Difference between Organic and Paid Search Results

There is one very important lesson every digital marketer should always keep in mind: SEO should not be the only part of a digital marketing strategy.

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Nov 05 / 2020

The Importance & Effectiveness of Monthly Newsletters

Content starts with the writing style. The language used must be what the reader is comfortable with. The Newsletter should never talk down to the reader or impress him with jargon – both are big turn-offs. Clarity, conciseness, and respect for the readers’ time…

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing Nov 02 / 2020

How to Rank Higher on Voice Searches

Voice search may have started slow, but with the Voice Search Assistant’s increasing efficiency, it has blown up. Voice search is so comfortable now. It is faster, easier, and more convenient. It may have started as a fad, but now it looks like it’s here to stay.

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