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Future of Digital Marketing Jun 21 / 2022

Trends That May Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

One of the biggest headaches online marketing professionals face is the way innovations and technological changes affect their carefully thought-out marketing plans. Nowhere is the pace of change as rapid as it is in the world of online marketing and commerce. Many businesses suffered during the pandemic, but those who were able to make the right changes to their online marketing were able to grow.

History of Healthcare Marketing Jun 20 / 2022

The History of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing has a history that goes back far beyond what most people realize. Doctors, media professionals and marketing experts presume that the marketing of healthcare is a relatively new phenomenon dating back just a few decades. The reality is that it goes back to the advent of healthcare at the dawn of human civilization.

Best Digital Healthcare Marketing Agency May 25 / 2022

5 Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Website traffic and lead conversion are two different things. Some business owners might have learnt it the hard way but there is always room for improvement. Making people visit your website is important but not all visitors become customers. You will have to put in that extra work to get new customers and retain the existing ones. We as the best digital healthcare marketing agency

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog Corner May 13 / 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog Corner

The necessity for blogging has always been a popular debate, especially for a company on a budget. You might have been neglecting or postponing the creation of a blog corner, given the time and effort needed. But most people neglect to blog since they doubt the relevance of blogs in the digital marketing world.

Loyalty-Building Techniques for Healthcare Marketing Apr 30 / 2022

5 Loyalty-Building Techniques for Healthcare Marketing

Patient loyalty is regarded as the ultimate priority for successful healthcare marketing. With the plethora of options available, all it takes is one bad experience for the patient to find another healthcare provider. Hence, institutions need to focus on customer loyalty while charting out their marketing strategies.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Healthcare Companies Apr 15 / 2022

How Do Healthcare Companies Benefit from Content Marketing?

Creating a brand is now easy but marketing it to the right people requires detailed planning. The pandemic has proven the importance of digital marketing for every industry – especially healthcare. Healthcare content marketing helps healthcare institutions keep their patients informed while also building their brand reputation.

Mar 24 / 2022

Types of Healthcare Content That Can Increase Patient Volume

There are about 70,000 health-related searches made on the web every minute. EVERY MINUTE. When we experience any worrisome symptoms, our first instinct is to ask Google for consultation. With this kind of demand, accurate medical information is needed on the web.

Competitive Analysis Mar 18 / 2022

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis?

What makes a product successful? Customer demand, right? But where there is a demand, there will be similar products from competitors. Competitors can be a touchy subject for business owners, but a little competition is always needed for improvement.

How to start a digital marketing company Feb 28 / 2022

How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and run it successfully? | Part 2

Digital marketing is a versatile business field that keeps evolving. Dramatic is a good word to be associated with the digital marketing industry. If you have a flair for marketing and the readiness to keep learning new things, then digital marketing would be a good direction for your career.

How to start a digital marketing agency Feb 26 / 2022

How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and run it successfully? | Part 1

Digital marketing has always been a promising growth field, but the pandemic served to be the miracle that accelerated it. Did you know that more than 75% of the customers discovered a new interest in online activities during the year 2020?

Jan 24 / 2022

What Is the Difference Between Google My Business and Google Business Profile?

We all have realized the importance of having a Google My Business profile, especially the small business owners. But as we are getting proficient with the idea, Google has announced an update or as they call it a name change for Google My Business.

Plan for a Successful Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy Jan 20 / 2022

Game Plan for a Successful Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

Every sector needs a sound game plan for effective marketing and the healthcare sector is no different. The pandemic has only accelerated the need for healthcare organisations to digitalize their resources.

Dec 24 / 2021

What to Expect from a Professional SEO Company?

Now that you have realized the importance of SEO for your business and have hired an SEO company, what should you expect from them? Here are some things that you should know after investing in an SEO company.

Dec 15 / 2021

Rules for Healthcare Content Marketing

Healthcare content marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are good and bad strategies, and to differentiate between them, you might need an expert, which is where a digital healthcare marketing agency comes in.

Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy Nov 26 / 2021

How to Create Unique Content That Works for the Healthcare Industry?

While there are mind-blowing marketing strategies involved, the fundamental lies in the content you provide. Thus, creating unique content that captures the viewers’ attention and clarifies the topic is the need of the hour in the healthcare industry.

The Importance of Health Packages in Staying Healthy Nov 16 / 2021

10 Innovative Ways to Market a Healthcare Brand

With about 5% of all Google searches made being healthcare-related, it is evident that people like to be aware of the condition and the treatment. A properly planned marketing plan is important to satisfy people, and instead of sticking to the old ways, it makes sense to try out some innovative ways by which you can make your brand stand out.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry Oct 27 / 2021

The Role of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Statistics show that 88% of people who want to get information about health start with search engines like Google. Though we cannot completely rely on the web for knowledge, digital content about the healthcare industry plays a major role in the wellness of people.

Role of SEO in the Web Design/Development Oct 22 / 2021

What is the Role of SEO in the Web Design/Development Process?

We all love a beautiful, well designed and eye-catching website but what good is it if it never catches anyone’s eye? This is the role of SEO in the web design process – making sure that the website receives more visitors.

Custom Web Design and Development Oct 19 / 2021

What is the Process of Web Design and How Does It Differ from DIY Solutions?

We all have read multiple articles about the importance of having a website and how it benefits our business. The web design process has also become quite easy with a lot of web builders providing DIY solutions. But what makes some people still seek out web design companies instead of choosing DIY solutions for their website building?

Newest Trends in Website Design Sep 25 / 2021

What are the Newest Trends in Website Design?

We have only 3 months left before stepping into a brand-new year. It might have looked like the world was at a standstill for the past two years since the pandemic started, but the fact is the digital world has been progressing at a rapid pace. The upcoming web design trends of 2022 seem promising as they did for the previous years.

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