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Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 Dec 02 / 2019

With technology driving all Marketing conversations or conversions, today, Digital Marketing will be a significant portion of the Opex of a company in coming years. As a result, new trends, technologies, and solution providers are entering the world of Digital Marketing, which will sustain the momentum for Digital Marketing in the years ahead.

2024 will see the adoption of new trends and emphasis given to existing trends that are popular. We would like to consolidate some of them here.

AI-Powered Marketing

AI has dominated last year’s headlines and there is a great chance of the same happening this year. Artificial Intelligence is probably the greatest innovation of this decade and most marketers are still figuring out what to do with it. Here are some ways in which you can put AI to good use.

  • Optimize: AI can help your internal processes become more efficient. For example, you could use ChatGPT to write product descriptions and more. 
  • Personalise: You could utilize AI to provide personalized recommendations to your customers.
  • Customer service: AI-enabled chatbots can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty when compared to automated systems.

This is only the scratch on the surface of what AI can be used for. Take the time and research to explore more.

Video Marketing

The evolution of video marketing has been tremendous in recent years. Platforms like YouTube shorts and Instagram have catapulted the dominance of short-form video content. People are attracted to videos since it engages the viewer instantly without even the effort of the person.

Create short videos with engaging content. Use stories to showcase and sell your product. You can even repurpose your blogs and articles into video content.

Content marketing strategies

Content marketing has evolved a great deal and continues to do so since its inception. For a long time, content primarily meant written content like articles and blogs. But with the advancement of technology, consumer preferences have paved the way for the inclusion of other forms of content like videos, infographics and more. Here are some tips to master content marketing in 2024.

  • Stay informed of industry trends. Integrate useful technology for your purpose.
  • Create video content that engages the viewers. Live streaming content is also gaining a lot of traction in recent times.
  • Use AI for content creation and distribution.
  • Leverage user-generated content like testimonials, reviews and more.

Social media trends

Social media marketing has held an integral place in digital marketing success. Keeping up with the trends is the basic mantra for surviving on social media.

For example, X (formerly Twitter) was the go-to platform for short and crisp content in the past but now the focus has shifted. Threads was launched in July 2023 but has claimed over 100 million monthly users within a short period.

Create fantastic social media campaigns that will entertain and inform the audience. Go for content that is creative and playful.

Privacy-focused marketing

82% of customers admit that they are highly concerned about how their data is gathered and used by businesses.

Alleviate this concern of your customers. Be transparent about how you use customer data and try giving more control of the information to your customers. This will greatly increase customer trust in your business. Keep up to date about the changes in data privacy regulations.

Voice search and smart speakers

With the increase in voice searches, people are more likely to own smart devices. Optimize your content for voice search since you do not want to miss valuable traffic and leads.

You can target your content for all kinds of devices like speakers, smartphones and more. Make sure to use accessible languages and add questions and answers in the headings and body text.

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AR and VR in marketing

Augmented reality (AR) and Visual Reality (VR) have evolved to be a part of mainstream marketing in recent times. While AR has captured advertisements and e-commerce platforms, VR has redefined brand storytelling.

You can use AR to help users visualize how they can use the product and enhance foot traffic. On the other hand, VR can be used to create virtual worlds where the users can get immersive brand experiences along with showcasing products to customers.

Sustainability and green marketing

According to PWC’s Global Customer Insights Pulse Survey, 70% of customers prefer to pay more for sustainably produced goods. The decision-making of the people is now influenced by sustainability more than ever.

Audit your product/service to determine the sustainability value. If you have areas to improve, make sure you do so. You could even reach out to your customers to learn what they expect of you.

Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content (short-lived stories) can lead to increased engagement. Disappearing posts trend was introduced first by Snapchat in 2013 and the platform has quickly exploded into popularity. Now ephemeral content has taken centre stage in all platforms, even WhatsApp. This type of content not only captures the attention of the viewers but also will leave them wanting more.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has always been a go-to option for promoting a product/service and the trend is seeing continuous support this year. You are using a person who has a specific type of following to showcase your products. Make sure to choose the right influencer who has the audience that you want as customers. You can use AI to analyze data, find influencer partners and create relevant content.

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