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Off-Page SEO – What Is It and How Can You Get the Best Out of It?

Off-Page SEO Oct 25 / 2023

All website owners strive to make their websites rank first in the SERPs. This is not without reason since the first-ranked result gets the maximum clicks by the people searching for related keywords.

Making the website rank first not only involves doing things inside the website but also activities outside the website. It includes social media marketing, advertising, link building and more. These activities are called off-page SEO activities and they contribute a great deal to a successful SEO strategy.

Difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the activities that happen inside the website like the inclusion of relevant keywords, adding quality content, optimizing the title tag, adding internal links and more.

Off-page SEO activities include gaining backlinks, advertising on various channels, building brand reputation and more. Unlike on-page SEO, you cannot fully control the off-page SEO activities.

Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are vital for an SEO strategy to function smoothly for a business.

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Techniques for Off-Page SEO

Now that we are clear about off-page SEO, let’s move on to the best techniques and practices that can help you implement off-page SEO on your website.


Gaining backlinks is one of the most important parts of off-page SEO since it helps the page rank higher in the results. Having a good number of backlinks makes the site trustworthy to the search engines.

Hence, with more backlinks, your site will rank higher than the site with fewer backlinks. But you should make sure that you gain quality backlinks.

The backlinks should be from quality sites and they should be relevant to your domain since the search engines take into account not only the quantity but also the quality of the backlinks.

For this, spend time finding high-authority sites that are relevant to your domain and try to gain backlinks from them. Also, gain as many links as possible from relevant quality domains.

Tips: Create and publish quality content regularly since it increases your chance of getting links organically from publishers and brands.

Another way is for you to reach out to third-party sites and request links. Avoid black hat SEO practices like buying links and linking your content excessively on forums and comment sections.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has made itself an unavoidable part of everyone’s lives so you just cannot fail to add social media marketing to your SEO strategy. Social media is not only a medium to introduce your brand or product to people but you can also gain quality backlinks from these platforms with high domain authority.

While the effect of social media backlinks on SEO is unknown, gaining these links will improve your social profile’s ranking in the SERPs which means that you will get more attention.

Tips: Create quality content that resonates with your brand message. The content should get the viewer’s attention and should be easily shareable.

You can also use social media influencers and content creators to promote your product. These people already have a substantial viewership and thus will help your product or brand reach a wide range of people.

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Content Marketing

Great content that is relevant to people’s interests will always be an ally for your business. There are different channels through which you can promote your content. Since we have already covered social media, we will now talk about the other mediums which you can focus on.

  • Digital PR

Even the top brands need digital PR for link-building. A thoroughly planned PR campaign can not only gain links but can also increase brand awareness and brand searches. If you want to boost your referral traffic, then you need to create the best content for your PR campaign that will make people stop and look.

  • Guest Posting

Like influencer marketing, guest posting will showcase your brand in front of a different audience than the one you normally focus on. You should find the right person to guest post on your site since the person should be an expert in the domain.

Tips: Search on Google with the target keyword along with the word ‘guest post’ to get the relevant people who guest post on the specific topic. Reach out to them and request them to guest post on your site. You can also write guest blogs for their sites.

Local Listings

One of the most effective methods to gain quality links is to list your business in online business directories. Research directories that have good domain authority and list your business with them.

You need to add accurate information about your business on these directories and constantly update the information. In some directories like LocalBizNetwork, you can add blogs, videos and podcasts apart from the basic information and this will help greatly with your off-page SEO. Including your business with relevant directories will help you gain visibility among your target customers and local customers.

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