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How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and run it successfully? | Part 2

How to start a digital marketing company Feb 28 / 2022

Digital marketing is a versatile business field that keeps evolving. Dramatic is a good word to be associated with the digital marketing industry. If you have a flair for marketing and the readiness to keep learning new things, then digital marketing would be a good direction for your career. Everyone wants to make it big in the digital marketing field, starting a content marketing agency or a full-fledged digital marketing agency. Still, it takes preparation and planning to make it work. As one of the best digital marketing and SEO companies in Chennai, we have formulated a game plan that can help you transition smoothly into the digital marketing industry.

Into the digital marketing world

Digital marketing is indeed a competitive field, but what do you think is the basic requirement to succeed in it? A degree in marketing? Field experience? NO. The key factor that will ensure your success in the industry is your interest and dedication.

Ask yourself why you want to start a digital marketing agency and see whether you can convince yourself first. Starting an agency is a big investment, and you need to be sure of your involvement before making the decision. Check out our previous blog to determine whether you are ready to start your digital marketing firm.

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How to start a digital marketing agency?

If you are convinced that digital marketing is your destiny and have gained enough knowledge about the industry, it is time for action. Starting your own company will take a lot of planning and execution from your side; charting out a solid game plan beforehand might help you get through the process methodically. Here are the steps that you should follow while starting your agency.

1. Find your niche

Digital marketing is a vast industry, and the competition is no joke. This industry comprises many components like SEO, content marketing, email marketing, Google advertising, social media marketing, and more. The options are endless, and it is easy to get lost in them.

When you are starting a new agency, it would be better to focus on the niche with the best knowledge and resources. Find people who are knowledgeable in the particular niche and hire them. With this, you can target a small group of audiences, which can offer your business a better reach. With time you could widen the range of your services but first, SMALL STEPS!

2. Decide on the operation of the business

The traditional way will be to hire an office and get local employees on board. This might also have been the only choice about 30 years ago, but we have had a pandemic to prove otherwise. The success of the work from home (WFH) model has emphasized the viability of virtual companies. Now you have three options at hand for the operation of your company.

  • The traditional office with local employees
  • virtual company with remote employees
  • hybrid model with the combination of both the above models

The decision depends mainly on the budget and the location of your potential clients. Having a physical office might help attract local clientele better, but if your focus is on clients from a different state or country, a virtual company might be a better option. The hybrid model is the one that is currently popular since it can consolidate the benefits of both methods of operation.

3. Register your business

To make things official and legal, you will have to register your company. You can start by naming your business and finding a unique name that could capture the customers’ attention.

After naming your business, design your logo and register your domain name. The last step is to register your business with the legal authorities. While these are the mandatory steps, there are some necessary things to do. Hire an accountant and auditor right at the start. Also, get a toll-free number for your business and then a lawyer.

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4. Find the right tools

For your company’s efficient and successful operation, you will need a lot of tools, and you need to find the best of the options. You will be paying a lot for the tools, and hence it would be better to figure out the details.

First, research what you will need for your business to operate efficiently. Then find the tools that offer necessary features. Choosing tools without a proper plan would leave you with features that you never use but for which you will keep paying.

5. Decide on your business model

It is time for real business. The major aim of starting a company would be to generate revenue, and for it, you will need a well-planned business model.

Analyze the services you will offer and decide how you will charge your clients for them. You could choose from:

  • Per hour model: The cost will depend on the complexity of the work and the time required to complete it.
  • Per project model: You agree with the client on a fixed amount to be paid to complete the project. You will have to analyze the project and then estimate an amount with a percentage of profit included.
  • Per month model: This is the most profitable model and is best for services like SEO, social media marketing, and PPC management.

6. Make yourself known to the potential clients

70-80% of the customers research the company online before getting associated with it. A strong web presence is indispensable for a successful business.

The best way to achieve it would be to create an attractive website that represents your brand. Make your website look professional and include content that the client will want to see on your website. Instead of focusing on yourself, you should create content to help your client understand what they could gain from hiring your service.

The contact information should be displayed, and choose simple contact forms over the complex ones. Add your social media handles since most people tend to check out the social media pages to get acquainted with your agency’s personality.

If you cannot afford to create and maintain a website right now, you could make business profiles in the business directories. Find directories with good domain authority and add your profile.

7. Create a portfolio

Your clients would want to check your past works for a good reason as they need proof of your expertise before they invest in you. Spend time curating a structured portfolio that includes your academic credentials, experience, case studies, success stories, names of your previous clients, certifications, customer testimonials, and more.

The portfolio is the key factor of your website that converts the viewers into clients. Hence get your convincing skill on board!

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