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Google Ranking Algorithm Updates - August 2023 Sep 12 / 2023

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates – August 2023

The last update from Google was the April 2023 reviews update. Since then, the expectation of a Google Search ranking algorithm update has caused increasing volatility. Both the SEO community chatter and the results from third-party tracking tools caused frequent spikes in volatility.

The Potential of Medical Content Marketing - Connecting with Patients Aug 30 / 2023

Connecting with Patients: Unleashing the Potential of Medical Content Marketing

About 70% of internet users prefer getting to know a business through its content. When it comes to the healthcare industry, this sentiment is more widespread. Health is a sensitive topic and people do not want to be dumped with meaningless ads for hospitals and clinics.

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates – July 2023 Aug 16 / 2023

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates – July 2023

July has been very similar to the preceding months in terms of volatility in Google search ranking. In fact, the volatility has been around, in varying degrees, since April of this year when the April 2023 reviews update came out. Before that, there was the March 2023 core update and prior to that, we had the December 2022 helpful content update. The fact that an update is now overdue is resulting in a lot of uncertainty and heated chatter from webmasters and site owners.

WhatsApp Ads Decoded - Get to Know This Marketing Game Changer Aug 11 / 2023

WhatsApp Ads Decoded: Everything You Must Know About This Marketing Game Changer

For a long time, WhatsApp has remained the undisputed favourite when it comes to messenger apps. WhatsApp has a whopping 2 billion active monthly users worldwide, with India having the largest population of WhatsApp users. Also, the most important thing is the open rate of the messages being sent in WhatsApp – almost 98% of the messages sent through WhatsApp are being read!

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Branding Jul 28 / 2023

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Branding – What’s the Difference?

For most people, the concepts of digital branding and digital marketing can be confusing since the similarities between the two often overshadow the differences. But to set up a marketing strategy that is successful for your business, it is vital to know the unique aspects of both concepts and to understand the differences.

Website vs. Social Media - The Crucial Balance for Business Success Jul 11 / 2023

Website vs. Social Media: Is a Website Still Necessary for a Business?

One question that business owners often have is “Why have a website when you can manage the business on social media?” This is a valid question given the power social media has on customers. But is a social media account enough to run a successful business? This blog touches on one of the most debated topics in the marketing community – website or social media.

Google Algorithm Updates June 2023 Jul 06 / 2023

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates – June 2023

June has been a very month volatile for Google search rankings. The May 22nd/23rd update brought some calm to the turmoil that existed in the early part of that month, but that did not last long. By the end of the first week of June, many tools showed signs of volatility and there was increased chatter in the SEO community about the developing situation. Unconfirmed reports of another search engine algorithm update began to make the rounds around the 6th June.

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates - May 2023 Jun 23 / 2023

Google Ranking Algorithm Updates – May 2023

Google ranking algorithm updates are a regular and recurring part of online life. The objective is always to improve the quality and relevance of search results. While there have been many major updates in the past such as Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, BERT, and the Core Web Vitals update, they are also regular monthly updates/adjustments aimed at fine-tuning the search operations and functioning.

International SEO: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for Global Success Jun 22 / 2023

International SEO: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for Global Success

Going global is every business owner’s dream but it comes with its difficulties. You will have to put in a lot of time and effort but going global is necessary to get a foothold in the growing global e-commerce market.

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Web Development Company - A Comprehensive Guide Jun 02 / 2023

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Web Development Company: A Comprehensive Guide

No matter how good your product is, it is not going to sell itself. You should popularize your product among your target customers and market it properly. An e-commerce website is the easiest way to achieve visibility on the web.

International SEO - How to Optimize Your Site for Other Countries May 22 / 2023

International SEO – How to Optimize Your Site for Other Countries?

You wake up one day and decide that you are ready to take your business global. You probably have a lot to think about but one skill that you need to absolutely master is international SEO marketing.

E-Commerce Site Search Best Practices for Increased Conversion May 06 / 2023

E-Commerce Site Search – Best Practices to Increase Conversion (Part – 2)

Onsite search is one of the most powerful features to increase conversion if you use it in the right way. Any customer with a particular product in mind will be going straight to the search bar. As an e-commerce web development company, we have compiled some tactics that can help you improve your e-commerce site search strategy.

Best Practices for E-Commerce Site Search to Increase Conversion Rates Apr 25 / 2023

E-Commerce Site Search – Best Practices to Increase Conversion (Part – 1)

No one likes to search for a product among the thousands of products available on an e-commerce site. E-commerce site search saves valuable time for customers. This one reason is enough to prove how a well-developed e-commerce site search can improve conversion rates for your site. We are an e-commerce web development company and we are here to convince you why you need to step up your e-commerce site search game.

Why International SEO is Important for Your Business Apr 05 / 2023

Why Is International SEO Important?

You have a website that you think will do well among the international audience. What do you do? Translate the website to the language of the target country, right? Wrong answer! International SEO marketing is the way to reach your target audience in a foreign country.

10 Cool Things to Do with ChatGPT - Content Marketing Agency Mar 24 / 2023

10 Cool Things You Could Do with ChatGPT

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can perform a wide range of tasks, from generating text to answering questions, completing sentences and more. Here are ten cool things you could do with ChatGPT

How to Fix the “ChatGPT Is at Capacity” Error Feb 21 / 2023

ChatGPT Is at Capacity Now – How to Fix This Error?

ChatGPT is presently the talk of the town – or should we say the world? But people who have tried using this chatbot might have come across this statement – “ChatGPT is at capacity right now.” This is sometimes accompanied by an acoustic poem that the chatbot writes to preach about patience.

What Is Ecommerce Merchandising - Ecommerce Web Development Company Feb 10 / 2023

What Is E-Commerce Merchandising and How Can It Help Improve Sales?

Human beings are creatures of distraction. The embarrassing number of times that we have entered a room but have forgotten the purpose for doing so is proof enough of this fact. The same applies to e-commerce websites. E-commerce merchandising helps the site owner guide the site visitor towards a beneficial shopping journey. We are an e-commerce web development company and we are here to explain an important aspect of e-commerce website design which is e-commerce merchandising.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website Jan 23 / 2023

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2023

“Technology is not my forte!”, “It is too costly for me!”, “My business is doing alright.”, “I cannot sell my product or business online.” – what is your reason for not having a business website? All of these might seem like good enough reasons for you but in reality, your business does need a website. We as a content marketing and website development company know this better than anyone else.

ChatGPT - How to use it? - Pros and Cons Jan 23 / 2023

ChatGPT – Is It the Future or Just the Latest AI Fad?

ChatGPT is the new chatbot that has the world talking about it within weeks of its release. ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot that can answer complex questions in simple English. There have already been versions of GPT that perform the same job and hence you might find yourself thinking

E-Commerce Web Development Company Dec 23 / 2022

What Are the Major Elements of an Ideal E-Commerce Website?

Your online business is not complete without an e-commerce website. People now prefer shopping online rather than visiting the stores physically. There are many businesses now that operate online and don’t have a physical store per se. This is the power of e-commerce websites in today’s world.

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