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What are the Newest Trends in Website Design?

Newest Trends in Website Design Sep 25 / 2021

We have only 3 months left before stepping into a brand-new year. It might have looked like the world was at a standstill for the past two years since the pandemic started, but the fact is the digital world has been progressing at a rapid pace. The upcoming web design trends of 2022 seem promising as they did for the previous years. With the surge in internet usage due to the pandemic, the web design companies have been working overtime and the results are showing. We are a web design company in Chennai and we bring you some unique web design trends that have caught our eye.

Better Page Load Time

Every year this trend shows up and the internet users seem to only get more impatient. Remember 2000? It was perfectly fine for a website to take about 30 seconds to load but today most users will bounce back if it takes more than 3 seconds.

The average concentration time of the adult gets lesser with time and your website has to be fast to impress the visitor. The site design and the content in it should allow your website to load faster. Sites with simple site designs have a fast load time. These sites seem to have a better conversion rate than even the ones with highly appealing web designs but higher loading time.

Dark Mode

This trend first came on the list in 2019 but is here to stay. There were only a few applications that implemented the dark mode option at the start but now even Google seems to have joined the dark side.

The appeal of the dark mode is that it highlights the content on the site and also reduces the strain on the user’s eyes. With the amount of night-time browsing, it is understandable why people are ditching the conventional light theme to choose the dark mode. Optimize your website to enable the dark mode if the user desires.

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The screen time of the users has been increasing but they need instant information. The use of extensive decorative elements can soon turn annoying and reduce the traffic to your website. With an increasing number of people using smaller devices like smartphones and tablets to browse, minimalistic, responsive web designs are the way to go.

For example, white space is one of the minimalist trends that has received the nod. White space refers to the empty space and it can be of any colour. When used effectively, white space can create a simpler layout which will help the users focus on the important content.

Usage of Gradients

Instagram was the pioneer of this particular trend but now it has become more than subtle color overlays. The site that uses gradients creates a deeper look for the viewers and subtly adds texture to the illustration.

There are two trends in the gradients. The monochrome method uses one color to smoothly transition to white or a lighter shade. The second method uses maximally contrasting colors and allows division of the page into two fields. For gradients, pastel and blurry shades are preferred compared to bright or acidic shades.

Voice Search for Contactless Interaction

Statistics suggest that about 32% of people use voice search daily instead of typing and this figure is only expected to increase in the future. With the success of voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, voice search optimization has become a necessity.

Websites should think of including long-tail keywords based on how people speak everyday rather than how they type. This will help with a better user experience and effective website design.

Dynamic Scrolling and Design for Thumb

Dynamic scrolling is another minimalistic feature that will increase the web traffic to your website. Dynamic scrolling or single-page scrolling means including all your featured content on a single page.

Users prefer the single page content over websites in which you will have to click to access another page. Also, dynamic scrolling is great for people who use mobile devices to browse the website. With about 53% of the web traffic coming from smartphones, the need to create mobile-friendly web design becomes essential.

LBN Tech Solutions

We have only scraped the surface with the web design trends that we have mentioned above. There is much more you can achieve by optimizing your website for the newest web design trends. LBN Tech Solutions is a web design company in Chennai and we can help you navigate these trends and pick out the best ones. You just have to take the time to contact us.

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