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What are brand pillars, and why do they matter?

What are brand pillars, and why do they matter? Jul 22 / 2021

A long time ago, running a business involved selling a product or a service and the customers buying it. The potential customers became aware of the product through either word of mouth or minimal marketing efforts by the seller, like a flyer. But as we stepped into the digital age, there came a huge shift in terms of marketing. Words like brand, reputation, and search ranking started to pop up, and the competition became real. If you research the number of SEO companies in Chennai alone, you can understand that even small businesses are cautious about their brand’s digital presence. So what does it mean to have a formidable brand reputation, and how to build it? This is where the brand pillars come into the picture, and to know more, read the article further.

What are brand pillars?

Whichever business you have, there are competitors. Brand pillars are the ones that help you distinguish your business by means of adding support to your brand’s existence. They also communicate your brand’s message to your potential customers.

Brand pillars should be identified and used to better the product or services offered by the business. The details of brand pillars might differ for each business, but you can get the rough idea by breaking them down into categories.

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Main 5 brand pillars and why do they matter


What was the major reason why this business idea popped into your mind?

What is the core ideal of your business?

Often, the reason for starting your business is a single idea on how to better an existing product. It might be as small as better customer service or totally big as the sustainability of the product.

This is the primary reason for the existence of your business. When you build your brand reputation while keeping the focus on this purpose, it attracts certain kind of people that are good for your brand. For example, with the increasing percentage of millennials stepping into the workforce, building your brand depending on the purpose, it is the right choice. The millennials are known to value purpose over profit, and thus your business would attract better employees.


Customers are the king and queens of any business, and their opinion of your product or service matters a lot. To strengthen this pillar, you will have to ask some questions to your customers instead of assuming the answers yourself.

  • What do the customers think of your product?
  • What are the terms or adjectives they use to describe the quality of your product?
  • What do they consider to be your product’s strength?

The answers to these questions can help you shape your product’s reputation from the audience’s perspective. This can influence your sales and customer inflow to a great extent.

If you want to alter or leverage your brand’s reputation, it is important to focus more on marketing since it plays a vital role in shaping the customer’s perspective. However, you will also inform all the teams within your company like design, HR, and customer service to align their tasks according to the shift.


Personality is how you give color to a non-human entity like your brand and set it apart in a crowd full of similars. This can help the customers interact more comfortably, thus explaining what they expect of you.

Also, brand personality is the pillar that serves as the beacon for new customers since it highlights what to expect of you. A brand’s personality also signals the expectations for the employees and the applicants.


The position is all about where you stand currently and how much you can improve. For this, you will have to evaluate your position and your ideal growth trajectory.

Are you satisfied with your current customer base?

If you want different, what kind of people do you want to attract?

What is your position in the marketplace when compared to your competitors?

What is the ideal position for your business in the marketplace?

The answers to these questions should be realistic, and the strategies should be conceived in tandem. These strategies should be consistent and set to be achieved in a realistic timeframe without sacrificing your core value. Ensure to acquire the tools required, and constant updating is required by evaluating the results and refreshing the strategies.


Promotion is about creating brand awareness and reaching out to customers. This is greatly different from short-term sales promotion and focuses on convincing the customers to buy your product. But brand promotion involves creating trust and loyalty for your brand by winning the minds and hearts of your audience. Thus by focusing on brand promotion, you create a strong long-term customer base.

Appearances matter a lot, and thus focus on being consistent with the content you offer, be it social media content or customer service scripts. Connecting a message with your business goals, be it inclusion or sustainability, is also an effective way of piquing the audience’s curiosity.

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