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What Is E-Commerce Merchandising and How Can It Help Improve Sales?

What Is Ecommerce Merchandising - Ecommerce Web Development Company Feb 10 / 2023

Human beings are creatures of distraction. The embarrassing number of times that we have entered a room but have forgotten the purpose for doing so is proof enough of this fact. The same applies to e-commerce websites. E-commerce merchandising helps the site owner guide the site visitor towards a beneficial shopping journey. We are an e-commerce web development company and we are here to explain an important aspect of e-commerce website design which is e-commerce merchandising.

What Is E-Commerce Merchandising?

E-commerce merchandising is the art of strategically designing the website so that the most relevant products are highlighted for the website visitor. E-commerce merchandising aims to increase the sales of products without interrupting the shopping journey of the visitor.

With e-commerce websites, you cannot bring in the feel of brick-and-mortar shops. But with the help of e-commerce merchandising, you can create an effective and differentiated customer experience. This practice will ensure that the customers check out the relevant products regardless of the different routes they take during their shopping journey.

How Does E-Commerce Merchandising Help Increase Sales?

The main aim of e-commerce merchandising is to make the customer’s journey through the website effortless and enjoyable while also getting a beneficial outcome for the website owner.

Here are the major elements of e-commerce merchandising that will help increase sales.

1. Homepage Merchandising

This involves optimizing your website’s homepage to capture and retain the attention of the visitor at first glance. The homepage on a website is similar to the window of a brick-and-mortar store which makes it important that it provides an enticing and promising first glimpse of what you have to offer.

With the right homepage merchandising strategies, you can expect more traffic to your website and with a little more effort, better sales. Some of the homepage merchandising strategies are listed below:

  • Highlight essential items with bestsellers
  • Deliver personalized homepage according to shopper’s preferences
  • Add high-quality images that are relatable
  • Convince customers of the quality of your product using testimonials and customer photos
  • Use video content
  • Make it easy to find similar items
  • Use strategically placed CTAs that encourage customers to make a purchase

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2. Merchandising the Product Pages

Most customers visiting an e-commerce website land on the homepage but people following the ads for specific products end up on the product pages.

The product pages should be well-equipped to deliver everything that the customer wants to know about the product and other similar products. This will help the customers stay on track with the intent of purchasing the product. Visiting multiple pages for information can make them lose focus.

Also, the product pages should be SEO optimized for them to show up as search engine results. Here are some things to remember while merchandising your product pages.

  • Add a 360° view of your product
  • Add product description along with the specifications (preferably along with the product image)
  • Add product videos (working demos or unboxing of the product)
  • Include CTAs like add to cart, save for later, or wishlist
  • Display similar product suggestions
  • Do not forget to upsell and cross-sell

Category Based Merchandising

Grouping the products into different categories will help the customer find relevant products easily. Also, this can help you subtly shine a light on the products that you want the customers to notice.

Include images of the bestsellers in the category at the top of the particular category page. This will make the customer instantly take notice of these products. Make sure to include customer reviews and images of the products.

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LBN Tech Solutions

E-commerce merchandising is technically an art that requires the knowledge of customers’ preferences and behaviours. We have been working on perfecting this skill and our work is proof enough of our expertise. Check out our portfolio here before contacting us regarding your e-commerce website development.

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