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Types of Healthcare Content That Can Increase Patient Volume

Mar 24 / 2022

Healthcare content marketing is a growing field with many hospitals just discovering its magic. If you are still handing out brochures to your patients with the hope of them reading it someday, then you need to level up. Healthcare content marketing has many purposes and depending on your need, you can modify your strategy. You can hire a medical content writer or a digital healthcare marketing agency (aka us) which would help you navigate the trend.

What Is Healthcare Content Marketing and How Will It Be Useful?

There are about 70,000 health-related searches made on the web every minute. EVERY MINUTE. When we experience any worrisome symptoms, our first instinct is to ask Google for consultation. With this kind of demand, accurate medical information is needed on the web.

Healthcare marketing involves the medical professional or medical institution providing industry-related content on their website. The aim of this medical content usually is to educate the patients seeking the information. But when the content posted is of good quality, then the brand becomes more visible and the patient volume increases.

Only 28% of the healthcare marketing executives have a clearly documented healthcare marketing strategy. When you join this short list of healthcare institutions with a strong marketing strategy, the chance of your brand doing well increases.

What Are the Best Types of Content for Effective Healthcare Marketing?

There are different types of content that you can adopt for your strategy. Healthcare content marketing can be done for different groups of people. For example, the content might be created to reach patients, doctors, healthcare insurance companies and more. Depending on whom you want to focus on with your strategy, you can create content that will reach the targeted group of people.

Here are some of the popular types of content that are effective for increasing the patient volume for your brand or hospital.

1. Healthcare News

There are many advancements in the healthcare field but most people aren’t aware of it or they simply do not understand it. There are still people who believe that cancer is an incurable disease!

You can create a column where you update the advancements and innovations in the healthcare industry. Use simple and accurate language to make the patient understand the content.

When easily understandable information comes from a trusted source, the patient finds it more useful.

2. Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the most popular types of healthcare content. Most of the content types in this list can be classified as blog posts of some form.

Blogs are the foundation of your marketing strategy since they are very popular with patients.

Create blogs about the most searched topics and make sure that the information you provide is accurate and easy to understand. You don’t have to go into details like the research studies. Instead, keep it short and simple.

Think from the patient’s perspective and answer the questions they might have. You can get ideas for blogs from your hospital staff since they would know the questions that their patients repeatedly ask. Hire an experienced medical content writer and also bring in your staff to double-check the accuracy.

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3. Seasonal Tips

We know that the rainy season brings with it diseases but a gentle reminder is always appreciated. A post or article about the common cases of flu that attack during the season along with tips to be safe would definitely garner more views than a random post about coronary artery disease.

Think about the questions that arise during a particular season and provide seasonal tips. It might be about seasonal allergies, back to school questions or holiday safety tips – make sure that you give information that is important at that time.

4. Infographics

Infographics seem to be a hit among people in recent times. We all want to get as much information as possible in a limited time and we also want it to be entertaining. Infographics are the total package of all we want.

Images with easy-to-understand facts have a better reach since the time needed to grasp the information is much lesser. Also, infographics are easier to share on social media and websites.

Infographics might take some extra time and effort since content, design and research are all needed for a good infographic. But the ROI will be worth the effort.

5. Videos

Healthcare content sometimes can get too technical and videos make understanding the topic easier.

You can include doctors in these videos since content coming from a professional in the field increases the trust factor.

Keep the explanation simple and include images when it is necessary. Healthcare videos are another type of content that seems to have a greater reach among the patient groups.

6. Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for healthcare marketing when you learn to use it right. You can post useful information and also create engaging events to make the patients notice your brand.

For example, you can create quizzes or challenges and can encourage your followers to share them on the platform. You can also share some healthy recipes since healthy eating has become a common focus for most people, especially after the pandemic.

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7. Patient Stories

Nothing beats word of mouth marketing and you can amplify its effectiveness with the help of technology. Bring in your patients to talk about their journey with your brand.

Testimonials and happy reviews create a sense of trust and convince other patients to get associated with your brand. You should get the consent of your patients to share their story and the better choice is to try getting their testimonial on video which you can share.

A well-researched and well-written content can help your brand achieve the tag of a trusted source which in turn can increase the number of patients. But make sure not to obviously sell your brand with the healthcare content you create.

47% of people are concerned that the brand providing the information is trying to sell them something rather than providing accurate facts. The results of healthcare content marketing might be slow but the trust that you create is the foundation of a lasting relationship with your brand.

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