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Why Is International SEO Important?

Why International SEO is Important for Your Business Apr 05 / 2023

You have a website that you think will do well among the international audience. What do you do? Translate the website to the language of the target country, right? Wrong answer! International SEO marketing is the way to reach your target audience in a foreign country.

What Is International SEO?

International SEO involves optimising content so that the search engines recognise your target countries. With international SEO, the content would perform well in the search engines of the foreign countries you have targeted.

In simple words, international SEO is optimising your site or content for a different country or language rather than the one in which your business is already operating.

Why Can’t We Just Translate the Content?

This is the question business owners frequently ask when they start their research on international SEO.

Machine translation is easy and time-saving but in the process, you lose the major ingredient that will make your content reach the target audience – the keywords.

Machine translation will give you a straightforward translation for the words in your content but not the proper keywords for the market that you are targeting.

Sometimes, the keywords will be different even in the countries in which the people speak the same language. This is because of the unique audience.

Extensive research of the target country along with cultural insights and buying habits are needed to make people notice your business.

Thus, to reach a foreign audience, just translating the website content is not going to cut it.

Why Is International SEO Important?

International SEO marketing might seem like an alien term for small businesses but it is more common than you think. You just have to put in the effort to make it work. Here are some benefits of international SEO that might convince you to add it to your next business strategy.

  • It Broadens the Market for Your Business

The global e-commerce market is expected to grow by 20% in the next five years. That is an impressive number which can mean growth for your business.

The world has never been more connected. When you know what the specific audience wants from you, then it becomes easier to make them your customers.

A well-planned international SEO strategy would expand your business’s market and make you visible to a wider audience circle.

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  • It Increases the Revenue

Gaining a new customer indeed does take a lot of effort but it is not impossible. When your business is exposed to a new audience, then you better your chances of attracting new customers. With each new customer, you gain, the business’s revenue goes up.

  • It Exposes You to New Opportunities

With a good international SEO marketing strategy, you will also gain customer trust and your brand will gain a good reputation. With time, you can expand your business to explore new opportunities in that country.

  • It Gives You the Chance to Compete with the Big Brands

With the connectivity that we have now, the international market is not only for the big players.

A simple and well-planned international SEO strategy will help your business tap into the international market.

  • It Provides Growth Opportunities for the Business

While creating the international SEO strategy, it is best to define your goal – be it website visibility, traffic, revenue or brand awareness.

With the target defined, it would be easier to plan the strategy and the milestones to achieve to reach the goal.

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LBN Tech Solutions

International SEO like usual SEO is not a one-time job. You will have to constantly invest both your time and effort to keep it working. Don’t have enough resources to do it? Save time and effort by hiring us! Know more about us here.

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