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How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and run it successfully? | Part 1

How to start a digital marketing agency Feb 26 / 2022

Digital marketing has always been a promising growth field, but the pandemic served to be the miracle that accelerated it. Did you know that more than 75% of the customers discovered a new interest in online activities during the year 2020? We had no choice since we were confined in our homes for the best part of the year with only our phones to the rescue.

People have realized the market’s potential, and the sheer number of SEO companies in Chennai that propped up during the last year alone is enough proof. If you are one of the people who want to ride this wave by starting a digital marketing or content marketing agency, then this blog is for you.

Starting a digital marketing agency

This might have been a topic of serious contemplation 25+ years ago since the digital landscape was just developing. But with the boom in the use of the internet and the evolution of digital media in recent years, you do not need much research to see that digital marketing is a good career opportunity.

You might be a person who is new to the field or has worked in the field for quite some time – be it, anyone, it is possible to start your digital agency given that you are ready to put in the required effort. We have compiled an easy guide for you on starting a digital marketing agency from scratch, and we will focus on the requirements to start the agency in this blog.

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Am I right for the digital marketing world?

Digital marketing currently seems to be the trend, and you might be quite taken with it. But if you intend to base your career on it, you might want to see whether the passion is real. You do not want a full-blown agency at your hand only to find out that your interest has fizzled out.

1. Strong sales skills

The base of digital marketing is to convince the buyer to get the product. Though it might seem simple, it takes patience and the right skills to create content that attracts buyers. Attend seminars and read books that touch on the topic since there is nothing as knowing too much.

2. Personal network

Of course, marketing is all about networking, and having an efficient network in the industry is a great help in many ways. If you are starting from scratch, make sure that you start building networks since referrals will remain the best source of new work.

3. Steady savings and a good credit score

Starting an agency from scratch would need a lot of work, but money will be the stress point. Make sure that you have enough savings and credit scores to match the fluctuating cash flow at the start. You might also want to get through a few or possibly a lot of dry months. Hence keep saving and maintain your credit score.

4. Experience

This might discourage newcomers to the digital marketing field, but experience surely helps. If your long-term goal is to start a digital marketing agency, acquire enough experience in the field, even if it is through freelancing.

Is it possible for a person with no experience to start a digital agency?

While the field experience would help, it isn’t impossible to start a digital marketing agency with no prior experience. You have to possess the willpower and effort to make it work. Most importantly, start educating yourself.

Nowadays, you can easily access knowledge with all the online courses and resources. Allocate some time every day to widen your understanding of the field. Invest in a good digital marketing course that will help you understand the basics of the field. Once you get the basics right, start with courses that delve deeper into the workings of the market.

Connect with people who have the marketing skills that you admire. Keep asking questions and learn as much as possible. While you chase the do’s of digital marketing, learn its don’ts in stride. It is always efficient to learn from your mistakes but wiser to learn from others’ mistakes. Try some test projects if you have the time since challenges will help you learn more.

Consideration of cost and budget

As we have mentioned before, money will remain a stress point while starting any type of business and having a rough figure on the required budget would help. The overall cost might differ according to the scale of the agency you intend to start and the clients you plan to work with. Here are some of the essential expenditures that are inevitable while starting a digital and content marketing agency.

  • Creating your website and optimization
  • Email marketing tools
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools
  • Social media marketing/scheduling tools
  • Content creation (Graphic creation) tools
  • Conversion optimization tools
  • Lead enrichment tools
  • Business licensing
  • Workspace
  • Equipment like desktops, phones and internet access

The cost figure will vary according to the quality of the tools you choose.

LBN Tech Solutions

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