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Why Is Search Engine Marketing Important?

Why Is Search Engine Marketing Important? Dec 01 / 2023

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
  • Importance of Search Engine Marketing


In today’s fast-paced digital age, where every click echoes across the internet, a business must strive for visibility. But what does a business have to do to become noticeable? The answers are many but one solution that resonates everywhere is “search engine marketing”.

SEM plays a major role in unlocking the doors of digital success for a business. It works as a team player with SEO and content marketing to make your business popular among search engines. In this blog, we explain the basics of SEM and also answer the question as to why SEM is imperative to your digital marketing game.

What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing collectively refers to the strategies and techniques that are used by a business to gain search engine visibility. The success of the SEM efforts is measured by the amount of customer traffic a website receives as a result of ranking at the top of the SERPs.

What makes SEM different from SEO is that SEM primarily uses paid advertising strategies to rank in the SERPs while SEO involves improving the traffic organically.

While SEO provides long-term efforts, you can see the fruits of your SEM techniques almost immediately. Thus, both SEM and SEO play a major role in gaining customers for a business through the web.

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Importance of Search Engine Marketing

If you want your business to gain traction on the web and be successful, then you need SEM. It is as simple as that! There are millions of businesses out there and the customer has to choose you over all the others. For that, you have to stand out and SEM helps with that and makes you a shiny pick. If you still need convincing, then here are the benefits of SEM.

1. More Customers, More Money

Monetary gain is every business’s objective. A business needs a lot of customers to be successful. SEM works as the medium that makes it possible for a customer to find your business and give it a thought.

SEM efforts boost your business’s internet presence and this makes more people visit your website. This, in turn, increases your leads and if your product is impressive enough, it can even lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

2. Brand Recognition

A well-executed SEM campaign makes your brand stand out and gains the attention of the audience. But for it to create an impact, you should have a catchy brand story and focus your efforts on reaching and moving the target audience to your side.

3. An Opportunity to Double Your Money

According to Google, you can double your return on investments through AdWords. This is a bold claim to make and it is true for businesses who know the right techniques to get the results they seek. Ultimately, how much you gain from Google AdWords depends on your skill but the key point here is that a potential opportunity is presented.

4. You Can Start Small

Often, small business owners shy away from SEM efforts since they believe that it is for larger organizations that have a substantial amount to spend on paid marketing.

But in reality, there is no minimum range set for you to spend on ads. You can start your campaign with even $5. Thus, SEM techniques are profitable to both small businesses and large organizations. You just have to learn to do it right!

5. Quick Results

This is probably the most appealing of all the benefits offered by search engine marketing. SEO techniques provide high organic rankings but the process takes time.

But with the right SEM efforts, account maintenance, and optimization, you can rank almost immediately at the top of the SERPs and you might also enjoy a potential inflow of customers.

Though SEM campaigns need optimization to obtain long-term results, it is still the fastest web traffic strategy that yields quick results.

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6. Attract Local Customers with SEM

A large percentage of local customers turn to search engines to find local businesses. Often, phrases like “near me” and “in a certain city” are used to find the best local businesses in the area.

With SEM, you can create ads in different languages and also determine the city or even the specific region where the ads have to appear. This helps you target customers depending on the location. You can also avail the advertising package of Google’s local 3-pack which will make you pop up in the search results of the local customers.

7. SEM Is Practical

With SEM, you can rank at the top of the web results and one thing you should know as a business owner is that ad or no ad, the first search result has the best probability of being clicked. People just need answers to their queries and they need it FAST!

Often, people tend to skip ads but with search engines, almost 50% of the people do not even recognise them as ads.

8. SEM Brings You Qualified Leads

Increased web traffic is good but it is not beneficial without the leads converting into customers. SEM brings in increased numbers of qualified leads since you have the option of finding the custom audience who will most likely engage with your ads.

For example, you can target visitors of a certain area or visitors at a certain point of the sales funnel during the campaign. You can even filter out the visitors coming to your site through the ads using negative keywords.

9. You Can Gather Useful Data

You can analyse the data from the traffic generated by SEM and recognise the search intent. This can help optimize your call-to-action and landing page copy.

You can also learn about your competitors by checking their ads and the target keywords they have used in the ads. This can increase the effectiveness of your campaign and can even make you rank higher than your competitors.

LBN Tech Solutions

Search engine marketing techniques provide impressive results, no doubt – but only when you do it right! You need to plan your campaign, set your budget, select the right keywords and there are a hundred other things to do! Success requires effort and time. We at LBN Tech Solutions can help you by taking on that responsibility and delivering the best results for your business. To know more about us and how we work, visit us here.

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