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ChatGPT – Is It the Future or Just the Latest AI Fad?

ChatGPT - How to use it? - Pros and Cons Jan 23 / 2023

ChatGPT is the new chatbot that has the world talking about it within weeks of its release. ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot that can answer complex questions in simple English. There have already been versions of GPT that perform the same job and hence you might find yourself thinking:

What Makes ChatGPT So Popular?

Experts think that ChatGPT can be the future of content because of the content quality produced by this bot.

The previous versions of GPT could technically perform all the tasks that ChatGPT does, but the quality of the content was still subpar when compared to human-written content.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that is programmed to understand what humans mean by a question and thus can create relevant human-like responses. The result is a chatbot that effortlessly writes about removing a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR in King James Bible verse style. Yes, a bot did that!

About ChatGPT

ChatGPT was created by an artificial intelligence company called OpenAI which is based in San Francisco. It is a large language model chatbot which means that it is designed to predict the next word in a sentence. Large language models use massive amounts of data to do this prediction. But this model of GPT is also designed to answer questions in a conversational manner mimicking human responses.

Large language models are quite good at predicting the next words but they weren’t very bright at understanding what a human wanted. ChatGPT was designed to overcome this problem by training it on massive amounts of data from the internet. Data from sources like Reddit discussions were used to help it attain a human style of responding. Also, it comes with an additional layer of training in which human feedback is used to generate more human-like responses.

How to Use ChatGPT?

If you are intrigued and want to give ChatGPT a try, then here are the steps to follow.

  • Find the OpenAI website and create your account.
  • Go to the API keys page to get yourself a new API key.
  • Use the API key to access the ChatGPT model. Copy the key for future use.
  • You can now use the ChatGPT model to answer any query.

Benefits of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT can help write and debug codes.
  • It is possible to generate mathematical solutions and proofs using ChatGPT.
  • It is free to use.
  • It answers complex queries in simple English.
  • It can be used in content creation and even software development.

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Limitations of ChatGPT

Now, when it comes to limitations, we know that AI-generated content can sometimes be vague and lack a human touch. ChatGPT is designed to specifically overcome this problem. But there seem to be other limitations to the chatbot that you should know about before you use it.


Search engines respond to questions with data from credible sources. But the answers provided by ChatGPT do not include any source of information or citation to prove their credibility.

There have been complaints about the AI tool giving false information and even worse, guessing ambiguous questions.

Spread of Misinformation

There is the problem of people being misled into believing the incorrect answers provided by the bot, given the huge popularity of the tool.

It is important to remember that even OpenAI admitted to ChatGPT providing some answers that might look plausible but can be incorrect or nonsensical.


The AI tool can sometimes get verbose and start to overuse sentences or phrases. This is especially noted when the tool is asked to generate elaborate content.

Repetition of Content

The AI tool will provide the same answer to more than one user if asked the same question. For people intending to use ChatGPT in marketing strategies, plagiarism might become a problem.

A Threat to the Educational System

Educators think that ChatGPT will be a great blow to the educational system and it can mean the end of home assignments.

Creative Content

ChatGPT sure does provide plausible content but it lacks the creativity that helps keep people engaged. Only with extensive amounts of instructions, will it be able to provide content that is creative and engaging to read.

LBN Tech Solutions

ChatGPT might not be able to fully replace human-generated content but there is the possibility of a human-machine hybrid model becoming popular for generating content. We are a content marketing agency and we can provide quality content that can take your business to new heights. Know more about us here.

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