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Top Search Engine Marketing Tools to Use to Save Time and Money – Part 2

What are the Top Search Engine Marketing Tools? Nov 24 / 2023

Search engine marketing is hands down one of the best ways to grow your business in the competitive market. Most marketers will be pumped to try new strategies and campaigns to promote their business but the details can get exhausting.

Search engine marketing tools help make this process easier and more efficient. There are countless SEM tools out there and you have to select the right ones for the best result. We have already mentioned our top 5 recommendations in the last blog and now here we are with 5 more!

Top Search Engine Marketing Tools to Choose

Search engine marketing strategies help your business rank higher in the SERPs and consequently, your business is recognized by more customers. The SEM tools will help create, manage, monitor, and assess these promotions to make them efficient in promoting the popularity of the brand or product.

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Here are some of the best SEM tools that you should have.

1. Google Search Console

If you are looking to get more organic traffic to your website through web searches, then Google Search Console is one of the top tools to consider. It takes just a few minutes to set up and is user-friendly.

  • SEO Factors: You can track technical SEO factors like crawling errors, indexing status of your site and more using this tool.
  • Site Performance: You can check the position of your web pages and also the number of clicks that the pages get. You can change the period to help compare how the site performed through the period.
  • Performing Keywords: Not only can you check the traffic that the web pages get, but you can also identify the keywords that have driven that traffic. This way you will get to know the keywords that perform well for your site.
  • Sitemap: You can create a sitemap that makes it easier for search engines to find the content on the site.
  • Alerts: Notifications and alerts will be sent about the website’s performance.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free web service offered by Bing. If you want to monitor your site’s performance in Bing and also want to rank higher in the search results, then Bing Webmaster tools will be a great addition to your tools list.

  • Bing-Centered: This is specifically designed for Bing and thus can provide valuable insight into your site’s performance on Bing.
  • Keyword Research: This tool helps you find keywords that will help your site perform well on Bing.
  • URL Indexing: With this tool, you can directly submit the URLs to Bing for indexing.
  • Crawl Control: You can control the crawl rate of Bingbot with this tool.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great platform for tracking your website performance across search engines. It is similar to Bing Analytics but each has its unique features.

  • User-Friendly: Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned data analyst, Google Analytics is easily the best platform to use.
  • Real-Time Data: With this tool, you can get real-time data on website activity. You don’t have to wait to know the changes in the marketing campaigns and the impact caused.
  • E-commerce Tracking: You can track different data like how a specific product performs, transaction data and more.
  • Customization: You can customize the dashboards and reports on this tool.

4. Ubersuggest

If you are on the lookout for an affordable SEO tool, then you should try Ubersuggest.

  • Keyword Analysis: This tool gives keyword suggestions based on a seed keyword. You can check different key metrics like the search volume of the keyword, paid difficulty, the trend of the keyword, CPC and more.
  • Competitor Research: You can use this tool to gather data on the backlink profile of your competitor’s website. You can also gain insights into your competitor’s strategies to drive traffic to their website using the domain overview.
  • Data Collection: The reports from this tool are based on third-party sources, the behavior of the internet users, Google suggested keywords and API for AdWords from Google.

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5. Keywordtool.io

This is a great tool to consider for content marketing agencies and SEO professionals.

  • Keyword Research: This tool can give you tons of keyword ideas based on your queries. It even identifies keywords from YouTube, Twitter and Play Store.
  • Competitor Analysis: You can choose to check out your competitor’s website and find the keywords for which they are ranking at the top.
  • Search Volume: You can track the search volume of the keywords and this will make planning your ad campaign much easier.

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