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How to Write a Product Description for eCommerce Websites

Product Description for eCommerce Websites Aug 13 / 2021

Compelling content is a key factor in eCommerce product descriptions. The objective is to first educate the buyer about the product and then entice him to buy. If not enough information is given or if it is not presented clearly and concisely, the buyer will lose interest and move on to another site.

Creating An Effective Content Plan

The better the content (product description), the higher the conversion. Following these steps will help you to create content that works.

  • List out all the product details in an excel sheet. For example, suppose the product is an easy chair. In that case, the list of features should include. Still, it need not be limited to: dimensions, material, cushion specs, special/important features of the chair, the amount of recline, the ease of operation, how comfortable and relaxing it is, the available colors, seller information, manufacturing date, warranty, spare parts availability, and, of course, the price.
  • Visit the websites of the competition and dissect their product descriptions. Search for gaps in the description and ensure that these are not there in your content.
  • Draft your content using transactional keywords. There are 3 basic search intents: 1. A search for information; 2. A search to navigate the data and see what is available and; 3. A search to transact a purchase – the transactional search. Your content must use transactional keywords to get motivate a transaction. For example, Googling the key phrase “long lasting liquid foundation” brings up 8 pages of eCommerce websites. Using the right transactional keywords in the right balance in the description will increase your search ranking. There are various tools available to help you use the right keywords.
  • What the customer looks for first depends on the product. In the case of mobile phones, it is features that are the primary priority. However, in a digital marketing package, the primary focus will be on the benefits to the purchaser/user. Tailor the content to the product or service you offer.
  • Create an appealing heading. It should be catchy but not “gimmicky.” Include transactional keywords if possible. Modify your content, if required, so that the heading and description form a coherent and attractive whole.
  • Create a tagline that will resonate with the reader. A mattress company had “The best bed for better sleep;” A motorcycle manufacturer stressing on fuel efficiency had “Fill it, Shut it, Forget it;” and a travel agency used “Wander wisely.” A catchy tagline will stay in the memory.

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  • There are 4 Cs in advertising copywriting.
    • Clarity- Clear and easy to understand.
    • Concise – keep it short and to the point. No one has the time to read multiple pages of description.
    • Compelling – The content should entice the reader to act and purchase.
    • Credible – Keep the content accurate and avoid hyperbole. If it sounds natural, it is convincing.
  • Add an applicable “How To” section. For example:
    • How to assemble the product
    • How to download and install the software
    • How to start using the device
    • How to clean and maintain the product
  • Add product reviews. Positive reviews make potential buyers more convinced of the correctness of their choice.
  • If possible, add video testimonials. Seeing a happy customer creates a powerful feeling of confidence in the choice being made.
  • Add shipping and delivery charges, other ancillary information and costs, and the refund procedure. This will let customers see they are dealing with an open and fair business.

Once you have the right content on your shopping page, readers will feel secure making the right purchase decision. That automatically leads to the next step – adding the intended purchase to the eCommerce page’s shopping cart and making payment.

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