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The Importance & Effectiveness of Monthly Newsletters

The Importance & Effectiveness of Monthly Newsletters Nov 05 / 2020

Despite the constant evolution of the eCommerce universe, there are a few online marketing staples that are and will always remain important. One of these is the Newsletter. Whether it is monthly, quarterly, or issued at some other interval, the Newsletter is one way to take your business to the customer, instead of making him/her come to your website to learn about your products or services and how the customer benefits by buying from you. A Newsletter should be a way to establish a bond between a business and a customer. However, a Newsletter is not just a page or information – after a couple of months of dry facts and figures, future Newsletters will go into the spam folder. On the other hand, a well-made Newsletter is something that customers will look forward to and which will keep your brand in their minds so that when they require what you offer, they will automatically come to you. Creating an effective Newsletter involves factors, including:

Creating Great Content

Content starts with the writing style. The language used must be what the reader is comfortable with. The Newsletter should never talk down to the reader or impress him with jargon – both are big turn-offs. Clarity, conciseness, and respect for the readers’ time in reading the Newsletter are the key to creating a style that will earn their attention. The topics covered in the Newsletter must be relevant to your business and the reader. These could include information on new products, company news like increased sales or turnover that show you are a successful business, human interest articles about the people in your company, success stories of your customers, and so on. Solutions to problems users have faced with your products, if presented properly, will show that you are a company that cares for customers and is active in solving their problems. This is one way of turning potential problems into positives. News that will be of interest to your customers is always right – for example, if you sell car accessories, information about the latest developments in automobiles will be eagerly read. Guest writers are a great way to keep the content fresh and exciting. Content marketing is a highly specialized field and hugely important to the business’s success and its Newsletter.

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Size Matters

Bigger is not always better. People do not want to read anything that takes more than 3 to 5 minutes in today’s world. The Newsletter has to be easy to read but contain all the information you want to convey without seeming to be cramped, brusque, or abrupt in its tone.

Formatting & Presentation

The Newsletter must be colorful and attractive. Today well over 50% of your customers will use a mobile device to look at your Newsletter. That means that it must be formatted to be both large and small screen friendly.

Keep It Interactive

The modern Newsletter reader is not passive. He wants to be involved in what is happening, even if it is not directly affecting him. The Newsletter should use social media links, competitions, have special offers for readers, and other features that make the reader feel that he is part of a group that is “involved in your business.


There must be a set date on which the Newsletter is sent out. If the Newsletter is sent out on the 15th of each month after a time customers will look forward to seeing it on that date and expect it to be in their inbox. That builds a strong bond between business and customer.

Call to Action

No matter how good a newsletter is, it must have a “Call to Action” that prompts the reader to find out more about the business or products or even start the buying process. Not every reader will immediately respond, but over time the “Am I missing out on something” response develops, and the one-click that is the next step draws the reader closer to your business occurs.

Check Reader Response

Invite comments and feedback from readers so that you can finetune the content to meet their expectations. There are also widgets available to tell you if the Newsletter has been read, whether it has been forwarded to others, and more. The more you know about how the Newsletter is received and sued, the better you can make it.

Use Experts

Creating an effective Newsletter is a very specialized process. From creative content to enhancing SEO, various types of expertise go into making a good Newsletter. Having yours produced by an expert SEO Company in Chennai that understands content creations and online marketing will give you a Newsletter that works. If you want to add an effective Newsletter to your business plan, contact a company offering web design services in Chennai.

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