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Job opportunities in Digital Marketing

Job Opportunities for Women in the Digital World Dec 18 / 2020

Social Media, Content Marketing, Bring your device… buzzwords that define how business is conducted today, how people influence consumer thinking, and how products and services are marketed today.

Now let’s add more buzzwords to the mix: flexible schedules, work-from-home, and the new normal. What do we get now? Voila! Digital Marketing opportunities for women!

Digital Marketing is one of the best options for women starting a career or getting back to work after a long break due to family or personal reasons. Here are some reasons why more and more women are making a Digital Marketing (DM) career.

Growing domain: Digital Marketing is here to stay. Companies need a steady supply of DM-based work due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The field is growing all the time, which means one can make a long-term career in DM.

Flexible work-hours: DM is well-organized today with a clear scope of work for each team member. As long as the given task is completed before the deadline, one can work on it anytime in the day. This is ideal for women with family pressures or responsibilities.

No entry-barriers: DM jobs do not require specific educational-qualifications or training. A graduate degree in any stream is sufficient. You must have the aptitude to learn, the discipline to apply the learnings, good communication skills, and manage one-self or a small team. Freshers or people with no experience in this field are also welcome and pick up the trade without much hassle.

Very satisfying: DM is continually evolving with new tools, technologies, and techniques being introduced all the time. There is plenty of scopes to learn; further, every project or client is different. There is plenty of job satisfaction as one can see their contribution. This, in turn, brings recognition. Also, being a creative field, work is impressive, and there is no monotony whatsoever.

Good salary, career path: The pay packet in DM has been rising over the years as companies are investing more and more in DM campaigns. One can look forward to healthy take-home pay and a clear career path.

Some of the Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Some of the Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Web Design and Development (Designer / Programmer)
As a Designer, you will design the look and feel and basic structure for a website. As a Programmer, you will execute this design, test, and launch the website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analyst / Executive
The SEO analyst will examine both textual content and design aspects to improve your position in search engine results pages (SERP), which emerges from an organic search.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Analyst / Executive
The SEM analyst will use paid listings in search engines to improve your position in search engine results pages.

Content Development (eNewsletters, Blogs, etc.)
Content Marketing is driving marketing success today. If your written communication skills are right, you will write engaging and insightful content for your clients.

Social Media Marketing (Writing Posts and Managing Accounts)
In addition to developing or tweaking content for social media sites, A SMM executive will manage the company account and respond to user feedback.

Off-page Submissions and Data Entry Tasks
This involves various initiatives other than on-page content or keywords to improve your website’s SERP position. Examples: link building, forums, influencer outreach, content marketing, etc.

The New ‘Digital’ Normal

As business leaders worldwide are saying, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital initiatives and created a ‘new normal’ in every area of our lives. Digital Marketing is one such domain that is directly benefiting from this development. This will create an avalanche of Digital Marketing jobs in the coming years. Women seeking to make a career or get back to work can leverage the situation to their advantage and build a fruitful Digital Marketing career.

The Story of a Successful Women Entrepreneur

Megalai Senthilkumar is the Managing Director of LBN Tech Solutions, one of Chennai’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies for small businesses. In this interview given to Tamil TV Channel DD Podighai, Megalai traces her career path from a teacher to entrepreneur to successful businesswoman. She offers insights on how women can make a difference in the world of Digital Marketing. Her life’s journey is an inspiration to men and women across different walks of life.

A few comments received on social media for the above Interview

R. Kalaignanam
“It is a wonderful programme. You were at your best with your poise, articulation and impressive presence as could be expected. The programme was well structured and purposeful . I am of the opinion that the contents were well designed without losing focus on its utility for various category of aspirants in digital marketing. Nice to know you do training workshops/ programmes too in DM, an area of your great passion, you are a born teacher.”

Usha S
“Wow ! Wow ! … well carried, well spoken, well handled, it is tough handling public questions. Tirupur lady asking about marketing her tailoring unit you finally made her say. She has a +2 studying son,… well done.”

Neethi Ullas
“You have tackled all the questions well.”

Mallika Swaminathan
“Loved the way you handled all the callers…. diff ages, mostly from semi urban areas.”

A.K. Vijayaraghavan
“No words to express our proudest moments of our life while hearing your voice so scrip and valuable sharing of professional journey all along.

As for your interview in the media about your thoughts, views and experiences in the digital world, as a novice I’m simply flabbergasted and realize you have created another home for the beginners and practicing professionals in the digital world. Best points that come to my small mind that noticed are Honesty and sincerity at the top.

Passion to learn as a continuous tool with no limits.

Communication with clarity and purpose to reach the minds.

Ability to create a professional team and train them for deliverance with quality and time.

Aim based education.

Time management as tool to deal with dual responsibilities of contrasting functions at home and business.

Introduction of work from home concept well before the onset of Covid-19, thus becoming handy tool at present situation.

Promotion of culture and traditions through digital appreciations.

Last but not the least, age is only a number and certainly not a bar to become an independent entrepreneur for not only for gents but ladies also.

Maybe I have missed many of the finer aspects of the talk I have not been able to bring out only because of my lack of knowledge particularly in the digital functions you have talked about. Having said so Overall I’m extremely amazed to know your self-made efforts in various new areas of professional involvement and development. True, that you are still considering yourself as one continuing to learn more and more. What was learnt is only a fistful of mud but what is left to learn is the extent of the entire earth. You are a standing example for recognizing this as we observed during your talk.”

Urmila Vaidhyanathan
“Congratulations on the clear, candid interview. You have done us all very proud. Our best wishes & blessings to you.”

Subhashree Murali
“I just watched the entire interview in one stretch. All I can say is hats off to you!! You were so articulate, humble, and so helpful with your answers. So proud of you, dear friend! You are truly inspiring! Loved hearing about Kavitha, the Salem story, as well.”

Subbiah Gopalraman
“Congratulations! I truly enjoyed watching your TV interview. You came across as confident, knowledgeable and likable. Your responses were informative, directly addressed the questions, and were structured to be easily understood. Great job overall!”

Indu Jaya Kumar
“You explained very well so that people will understand.”

Arthi Manian
“Very crisp and clear about digital marketing and freelancing.”

“The interview went on very smoothly. Your replies to the questions were very clear and helpful.”

Akila Guhan
“You have balanced both your career and family and managed things very well and it is not only your husband and child but you took care of your parents and parent-in-laws and still doing so. This is a lot. I wish you success in all your future endeavours and would like to see you in many more interviews like this. Proud of you.”

B. Munirathnam
“Flow of speech and knowledge in subject very good. Well-presented and explained.”

Sridevi Srikumar
“Hats off to your dedication and time management skills! Very well-done interview. You truly are an inspiration to us all.”

Subha Kannan
“Your patience, family and work place balance quality need to be learnt and practiced.”

Guruprasad Batni
“Awesome Megalai. Congrats on this milestone. Saw the interview fully. Very articulate, very dignified and very classy! Proud to be associated with LBN.”

Shiv Nair
“It is so great to learn so much about the way LBN is breaking new ground in IT and digital marketing. An inspiring story!”

Samyuktha Aravind
“Wonderful interview. You are truly an inspiration ma’am.

Susan Joseph
“Seen you through this journey .. all power friend keep on .. will keep applauding you.”

“Wow super ma’am. All women should watch this.”

Beena Unnikrishnan
“It was very good and very meaningful for the ones who want to select this line”

Shankar Swaminathan
“Wonderful interview. Liked the clarity and candid expression …. very motivating! Heartiest compliments”

Shobana Nambiar
“You started from scratch and see where u have reaches. And yet so humble.”

Bala Natarajan
“You are a role model for the future generations. I admire your accomplishments in various fields.”

Ilango Balakrishnan
“Excellent exposition of the art and science of Digital Marketing! Congrats!”

Vaideeswaran Ganesh
“Awesome Megalai… Just got to see it in full.. I can vouch for you being a wonderful teacher as whatever little I have known in Digital Marketing is thanks to your enlightenment.. A great eye-opener and truly inspiring.. Keep it going…”

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