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Digital marketing tips for preschool owners

Digital marketing tips for preschool owners Aug 06 / 2021

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands and products through the internet. It refers to advertising campaigns geared towards the users of computers, phones, tablets, and other internet-connected electronic devices. Millions of people use the internet; there were 624 million users in January 2021.

Why consider digital marketing for a preschool?

These days, every business has a social media and digital marketing presence, from local businesses to multinational companies. Nowadays, when consumers need a product or service, they search for it online.

Likewise, you can be sure that when a parent starts looking for a preschool for their child, they will use an online search engine for this purpose.

Reasons to use digital marketing

  • It is relevant. You can focus your marketing.
  • It is personalized. It has the feel of one-to-one interaction.
  • It is measurable. You can chart your engagements and leads.
  • It is scalable. You can do it for a large or small budget.
  • It is cost-effective. It is much cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • There is scope for greater engagement, unlike traditional marketing.
  • It levels the playing field. Big and small businesses can go toe-to-toe.
  • It can go viral.

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Best practices for effective digital marketing

If you have decided that it is time to catch parents’ attention searching for preschools online, the first step is to get a fully functional website ready.

Tips for building a good website

Your website should be:

  • Well designed – Make sure that it has eye-catching pictures and relevant content.
  • Multi-device friendly – It should be accessible across all kinds of electronic devices.
  • Have a clear call to action – All the contact details of the preschool should be available on the website.
  • Should be easy to navigate – It should be a user-friendly website, which means that the person looking for something specific on your website should find it without too much effort. For example, if they are looking to register, they should quickly find the button to register.
  • Should be secure – Your website should have a secure payment gateway and a secure socket layer (HTTPS). The entire payment process should be smooth and easy.
  • Be highly responsive – Your website should respond to various devices. If your website is nonresponsive, it will fare badly on Google’s algorithms. To ensure that your website does well on Google’s search engine, you need to update it regularly.
  • Use local SEO – It is essential to ensure that your business is figuring in Google My Business (GMB – www.google.com/business). Fill in all the business details, including your products, the services you offer, your location, and your contact. Make sure that your website address is visible on your Google My Business and social media pages and relevant information.
  • Use NAP – Parents who are looking for a preschool should be able to find you quickly. So, ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone number are easily visible on your website, Google My Business, and on all your social media pages.

Using popular social media platforms to promote your preschool

Several social media platforms can be used effectively for digital marketing. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Pinterest.

Tips on making compelling social media posts

  • Post an opinion or message that offers relevant information. For example, write an article about phone time for pre-schoolers.
  • Value addition. You can add value to your post by adding graphics, helpful tips, etc.
  • Remember your target audience, i.e., mothers and fathers.
  • Be where your audience is. Share on social media pages that your audience would be looking at.
  • Be consistent with your posts.
  • Be transparent on what you post and reply to comments and inquiries.
  • Be authentic. Please do not pick up stuff from online pages, like Google Images, and post it on your social media handle.

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Using blogs to promote your preschool

A blog is an online personal diary or a journal. It is an online space where one can share thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc. It is easy to create, and most of them are free of cost and are an excellent tool for promotion.

Tips to make your blogs interesting

  • Share tips and tricks – Helpful blogs are popular. You can write articles on tips to take care of preschool kids, activities that you can do with pre-schoolers, new facts on early education, etc.
  • Introduce your preschool – Write articles on your preschool, highlight what makes you different, post reviews of your preschools, activities that you do at school, testimonials, etc. Adding a graphic or video testimonial can be eye-catching.

How to use paid apps to promote your preschool online

The ultimate aim of digital marketing is to get your name up on the first page of the Google search engine. There are two ways to do that. One is through organic marketing, and the other is through paid advertising (pay per click or Google search apps). Paid advertising results usually rank higher on the google search engine than organic marketing.

Tips for using paid apps effectively

  • Do paid ads on social media platforms.
  • Choose the appropriate geographical location.
  • Target your market effectively.

How will digital marketing help you?

The goal of any marketing is to get people interested in your products or your services. In this case, it is to get more parents interested in enrolling their children in your school. To do that, you will have to:-

  • Increase brand awareness – This means getting more people aware of the existence of your school. You can do this through your social media platforms.
  • Increase traffic to your website – Once people get interested in your brand, this will increase the traffic to your website as they will want to know more about your preschool.
  • Increase leads – If the website piques their interest, they will use the call-to-action button to call or mail the school to register their child.

As you can see, with an effective digital marketing strategy, your preschool will be filled in no time. LBN Tech Solutions is a digital marketing agency in Chennai specializing in promoting preschools online. Contact us for more information on this subject.

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