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How to Get the Results You Want through Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Digital Marketing Plan Apr 20 / 2021

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

Creating a digital marketing plan can be difficult, but you will need to constantly update the plan with the requirement to be the best in the market. We can already hear you thinking about improving the plan that you consider to be perfect already. Thus, we have compiled a list of steps that can help you better the plan and kick-start the innovation in your digital marketing plan.

Fine-tuning Your Marketing Plan

1. Deconstruct and Analyze Your Plan

The first step for you is to deconstruct your existing plan and be perfectly honest with the weaknesses in your plan. Admitting the parts that are lacking might be hard, but this will help you find ways to annihilate them or even convert them to strengths in the future. While analyzing the plan, you will have to ask some important questions to yourself and then fine-tune your plan according to the answers. Some of these questions include:

  • Is it worth revising? When you are updating the plan, it should bring you better returns than those provided with the previous plan.
  • What are we targeting here? Revising the plan might be due to different reasons -targeting existing customer base, one-up your competition, or attracting new customers. Figuring out this can help you create a clear path for action.
  • How much is it going to cost me? For small businesses, the budget can be the primary deciding factor, and thus, make sure that updating your plan is worth the bucks it costs you.
  • How am I going to know whether it is working? Now, this is an important part since results keep us motivated. Create a plan which can track the improvement after the revision in your plan. It can be a click-through, tracking bounce rates, or the increase in the number of your newsletter or email subscribers.
Fine-tuning Your Marketing Plan

2. Review the Old Plan and Brainstorm for New Ideas

Now we don’t want you to get lost in the details. Instead, choose to outline the plan with the main points like whether the overall target was achieved, and you already have the strengths and weaknesses of the plan.

With this as the basis, start generating new ideas, finding the competitive advantage, and solving the problems in the existing plan. This can help you find ways to better your plan for the new target.

Now for the million-dollar question, who to include in this brainstorming session?

Anyone who is engaged in the creation and implementation of the plan can provide you useful insight. Content writers, marketing operations, graphic designersSEO, and SEM specialists are some of the ones that should get an invitation. If you are a brand that gets steady reviews from your customers, then include sales and support in this discussion. and you will be surprised how much good feedback can work to improve you for the best – even if it is harsh sometimes!

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3. Identify the Key Areas

Google Analytics report on your marketing campaigns and advertising can help a great deal. During times of slow business, you can identify the areas that performed well since these might be the areas that can jump-start your growth.

Create reports on the return on ad spend ROAS calculations which will help your marketing team understand the effectiveness. Using this data, you can evaluate the areas you have to focus on and also the keyword targeting.

4. Finally! The New Marketing Plan!

Now that you have found out the weaknesses and eliminated them, the final step is to find a new goal. It is best to keep it simple and make sure that your short-term goals support the long-term ones. If you are a startup, then you first can focus on the engagement and improvement of the product since these are more important than growth metrics.

After setting the goal, follow it up with an action plan. You will have to break it down into details like listing the tasks, scheduling the time required, the cost involved, the allocation of responsibilities, and the outcome expected. This way, you can easily track the improvement and also whether the plan is working according to your expectation.

Before We Go

Digital marketing is not easy, and we understand your struggle. If you want help with creating a profitable digital marketing plan, creating quality content, or maintaining your brand’s online presence, contact us.

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