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What is the Role of SEO in the Web Design/Development Process?

Role of SEO in the Web Design/Development Oct 22 / 2021

We all love a beautiful, well designed and eye-catching website but what good is it if it never catches anyone’s eye? This is the role of SEO in the web design process – making sure that the website receives more visitors. You can hire the best designer out there but only with an SEO expert, will your website start reaping the benefits. Searching with phrases like “best SEO company in Chennai” would generate 1000 different results but check the reviews and the company’s previous experience before you decide. Now, we are here to elaborate on the role of SEO in the web design process and on why you should hire an SEO expert ASAP.

Web Design and Search Results

The purpose of designing a website for a business is to attract more customers and generate more profit. Most of the customers tend to research online for information before they make a purchase. Thus, having a website makes the process easier.

But, for the customers to find the website, it has to rank in the search results. Not all customers search for a business using the right name and thus the website needs to rank in the search results when the potential customers use certain keywords.

Statistics show that about 25% of online users click the first organic result in Google search. Only 0.78% of Google users venture into the second page of the search results. What does this show? For your website to get more traffic and be more profitable it should definitely be listed on the first page of the Google search results and should rank higher than other sites that are related to the specific keywords.

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Importance of SEO

Many award-winning websites that have outstanding designs don’t rank on search engines since they are not optimized for SEO. If there are no ranking keywords included, it means lesser traffic. This leads to reduced user experience which again leads to the website ranking lower than highly performing websites even if the design is superior.

This might be slightly confusing but know that it is a vicious circle you want to break from if you want your website to perform better. Only an SEO expert can provide you with a quality solution.

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Where Does SEO Belong in Your Web Design Process?

By now you would have understood that SEO is a vital part of the web designing process. Thus, SEO should be something that remains in your mind all through the web development process. Depending on the status of your website, the SEO expert and the web designer might introduce various strategies for search engine optimization.

For example, if you are hiring a web designer to start designing a website from scratch, then you might want to mention that you want it to be optimized for SEO. In that case, the web designer works in tandem with an SEO expert and search engine optimization is integrated into the web design process. Most professional web design companies have SEO experts but when you hire independent web designers you might also want to hire an SEO expert.

If you have a functional website and want it optimized for SEO then you can approach SEO consultants. They will analyse the site and then provide feedback on how it can be optimized. Sometimes, SEO experts will need to redesign a large portion of the website to help it meet the search engine demands. This might mean that the SEO experts need to work with the web designer again. Thus, it is always advised to include search engine optimization while initially designing a website.

What Does Search Engine Optimization Include?

Designing a great website that meets the SEO requirements is not a hard job especially for expert designers. Knowing the basics along with understanding the requirements of the customers would help you get a well-designed and SEO friendly website.

Search engine optimization falls into two categories – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves features like architecture, semantics, content and coding of the website while off-page SEO mainly focuses on link building and content marketing. On-page SEO should be focused on while designing the website. This might include using the right keywords at crucial places, creating user optimized URL structure, creating responsive web design and more. While the designer can take care of things like placing the keywords and having a responsive web design, having an SEO expert would help in conducting keyword research, identifying crucial places for the placement of keywords and more.

LBN Tech Solutions

A well-designed website that meets SEO requirements would bring in more leads and generate more profit for your business. LBN Tech Solutions is one of the best SEO companies in Chennai and we can either design your website from scratch or our SEO experts can help your existing website rank higher.

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